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Frequently Asked Questions

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General Questions (18)

General Questions

How do I stop adverts from showing at the bottom of SMS I send out?

NaijaNimi Awoof SMS is sponsored by advertisers who are allowed to automatically insert forty to fifty characters of adverts in parentheses() at the bottom of outgoing text messages. To remove these adverts, you need to activate a premium subscription for N500 or N1000 or N3600.

What is this Premium all about?

NaijaNimi Premium subscription is a service that allows users send as many SMS as they want in a day with no restrictions. Premium users are allowed to use fancy names as their sender ID and also get the full 160 characters with no adverts inserted.

Premium Mini, Premium Basic, Premium Biz, What are they?

NaijaNimi Premium has subscription packages that allow users send advert-free SMS with custom sender ID. Premium Mini comes with 200 SMS credits. Premium Basic with 525 SMS credits and Premium Biz with 2100 SMS credits. At the exhaustion of credits or 90 days, subscription has to be renewed to continue sending premium SMS. Unused credits are added to the next subscription

What happens to all the Awoof credits I have when I sign up for Premium?

Your Awoof credits are left intact. When you activate a premium subscription, a second credits counter shows up in your account. This is different from your Awoof credits so each time you send an SMS, you can choose whether to use your Premium or you can use your Awoof.

How do I subscribe to the Premium SMS Service

To subscribe to the Premium SMS service.

  • Login to to your account.
  • Select the package you wish to subscribe to.
  • Complete the transaction by clicking on "Click Here to complete transaction"
  • An invoice will be displayed. The invoice will contain your transaction ID. Follow the payment instruction contained in the invoice given.

What is a transaction ID?

Your transaction ID is the code generated after you have successfully placed an order for any of the Premium Packages. Please always note it, as you will be required to provide it when sending us your payment notification.

Where can I pay for premium SMS?

There are two main ways of activating and recharging premium SMS on your account.

The first method involves the following steps

  • Create an order for the package you want online at
  • Note the transaction ID
  • Make Payment via Bank
  • Contact via email with payment details and transaction ID
  • Your account is credited after we confirm your payment

The second method involves the following steps
  • Locate a supplier of PIN codes (either a local reseller, or our online store, or a branch of Zenith Bank in Nigeria) and get a 17-character code
  • Log on at with your username and password and enter the purchased code in the space provided at the bottom of the page
  • Your account is instantly credited with the value of the code with no need to wait for confirmation of any sort

I can't sign into my account

If you are having difficulties signing into your account, do the following

  • Confirm that you are using the login details as seen in your confirmation text message you recieved.
  • Confirm that the password you recieved is a 6 Character Password
  • If you have forgotten your password, you can use the Password recovery tool on the home page [Click Here if you LOST/FORGOT your PASSWORD?]

I registered but have not recieved my login details and password

If you registered have not recieved your password 30 minutes after registering, Click here to have your password resent to you.

It is also possible that you did not specify your phone number correctly in the registration form.

What if I don\'t exhaust my credits before 90 days?

Unused credits are added to your next subscription so you do not lose any credits at all.

What is this CallMeFree all about?

CallMeFree is our corporate telephone group operated on the Airtel (formerly Zain) network. All lines in this group are able to call themselves at no extra charge once a monthly payment of N1,250 is made. This makes it a wise choice for people that call themselves very often e.g spouses and team members in distributed offices.

Can I send SMS to CDMA networks?

You can send SMS to CDMA networks like Starcomms, Visafone, Multilinks and ZoomMobile but we advise that you use the \"Use My Mobile Number\" option when sending to these networks because they tend to automatically delete incoming messages with custom sender names.

Can I pay into your bank account directly?

Yes you may pay into any of our bank accounts directly but you would need to notify us after you pay along with your pending order transaction ID. Once your payment is verified, your order will be processed.

Where can I buy top-up codes?

Top-up codes for 200 SMS and 525 SMS can be obtained from any of our retail partners. The list of reseller locations is available on the Reseller page

I forgot my password. Can you email it to me please?

We can not email your password to you. The only way to get your password back is to use the \"Forgot Password\" link on the home page or in the mobile app. This sends a reset link to your email address (so we can be sure it is truly you requesting the reset). If you signed up with a bogus email address then unfortunately, you\'re out of luck.

It is the weekend and I really need to send SMS. What can I do?

Option 1: Create an order and make payment using online bank transfer. Send us a notification via email ( and you should be created within the day. Option 2: Locate one of our retail partners and purchase a top-up code. Top-up codes credit your account instantly no matter the time of day.

What are your business hours?

At Tinitop Technologies, we would like to be available to our customers round the clock but being humans, we need time off too. You can reach us (telephone) on weekdays between 9.00am and 5.00pm. Outside these hours, you can send us email ( or send SMS and we will try to respond within 12 hours.

I have so many referral credits but I\'m not always able to send free SMS. Are the referral credits invalid?

To send free SMS, you need to join a sponsored SMS campaign and claim the credits on offer there. There are presently limits on the use of referral credits till further notice.

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